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Jasmine had interview for Italian fan site that’s dedicated to Leonardo DiCaprio. I have copy of the english version, so if you want you can read it here :)


Hi Jasmine and thank you so much for being here with us. Catch Me if You Can is definitely a fans’ favorite! How did you get to star in such a large production at the age of six?
Hello! Thank you for having me :) I was auditioning a couple months before my agent sent me an audition for Catch Me if You Can and I ended up booking it!

Your scene with Leo, although brief, is very sweet and touching. However, we know that many great scenes often do not end up into the final cut. Did you shot any other scene that ultimately did not appear in the film?
Yes, originally there were some lines but of course the way it ended up was perfect

Sometimes it’s difficult for very young actors to really grasp the scale of the project they are working on. Were you aware of the fact that you were working with some of the biggest names in the industry?
At such a young age I really had no idea how iconic it was to be there, but looking back now… I’m so grateful to have been apart of it.

Do you remember your first meeting with Leo? What kind of relationship was between you two on set?
To be honest, I don’t remember too much because I was so young but I do remember how nice Leo was to my mom and I and he carried me around the set.

Did you have the chance to meet Tom Hanks as well?
Yes I did meet him, he was very nice as well!

Do you have any special memory from the set that you would like to share with us?
Yes, Leo was trying to kiss me on the cheek but I wouldn’t let him! Everyone told me I was going to regret it one day.

After Catch Me if You Can you took part in several film and TV productions and you won various awards as a Young Artist, for example for your performance in the famous comedy-drama Ugly Betty. Have you always wanted to become an actress or did you make that decision only after your work with Spielberg?
When I was 4, I asked to be an actress, I think it was because of my love for Shirley Temple. I was very lucky to do such an amazing project right off the bat.

Have you got the chance to meet Leo again after the movie?
No, I have not but hopefully one day we will cross paths or even work together again!

On your Facebook page you shared a very cute pic of you and Leo. So many fans would give everything to have a similar photo with him! Do you have an idol who you dream of meeting and posing for a photo with?
Ooh that’s tough! I admire so many… I would love to meet Steve Carell. And Sarah Paulson’s on my mind from American Horror Story! Whether it’s drama or comedy, they both are so honest, which makes them incredible to

What’s your favorite Leo’s movie and why? (Except for Catch me if You Can, of course!)
Titanic has to be my favorite, I saw that when I was pretty young and that was very impactful. And Revolutionary Road, you could say I’m a big fan of Kate Winslet and Leo together.

You started your career when you were very young. At only 19 years old your curriculum is full of many great titles. How difficult is it to work in Hollywood and at the same time have a “normal” life?
When I was younger I felt like Hannah Montana with double lives lol! I was going to school but then had to leave some days to work on set and everyone always wondered where I would go. I worked, but I was never a “famous child actor” so I feel like I’ve had a normal life. And compared to the roles I do, my life seems very normal.

Are you currently working on any other project?
I just finished filming this short film, Intruder, with Heather Langenkamp from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. The director, Brian McQuery, contacted me after seeing an episode of Grey’s Anatomy I was just in. Right now, I’m
getting ready to go to college to study film and tv directing and producing!

 Would you like to work with Leo again in the future? In that case, in which type of film would you like to share the set with him again?
No, been there done that… lol Of course! I think anything he does is incredible, I love mysteries like Shutter Island and Inception. I’m also excited to see The Revenant.


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